Balboa City School

Robotics & Rocketry at BCS

We are very proud to introduce the new Robotics program and to continue the Rocketry Club at BCS.

The Robotics class is taught daily to both the upper and lower school students by teacher Stacy Gray. Mrs. Gray has a background in teaching science at both the elementary and middle school levels, and will be working with BCS students on a team-centered, project-based learning experience using LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics kits. Students will learn science, technology, mechanical design, software use, programming and computer graphics design tools in a fun, engaging way. Students will be motivated and gain valuable experience by working creatively as a team to solve a variety of challenges. In addition to the Robotics class, students may sign-up for the Robotics Team which meets twice a week after school. The BCS Cybernetic Dragon Fury Robotics Team has done very well the past two years. The team placed 1st in the programming portion of the competition and 6th overall at the San Diego Regional Tournament, last year qualifying them to progress to the California Regional Tournament at Legoland. At the Legoland competition, the team finished in the middle of the pack, an outstanding accomplishment and an amazing experience.

The BCS Rocketry Club is a group of students and teachers who meet regularly to design, build and fly model rockets. This will be the second year participating in the TARC competition with approximately 7,000 students from across the nation. TARC is about inspiring the next generation of young people to choose a career in aerospace. The generation that won the Space Race is retiring from America's aerospace industry, creating lots of great jobs and exciting programs. TARC is a stepping stone to the stars! For more information, click here.