Balboa City School

Thank you for considering Balboa City School for your child.  We offer open enrollment anytime during the school year.  Here is what you can expect from our enrollment process.

The first step toward enrollment is an interview with a senior staff member and records review.  During the interview (45 mins-1 hr) we will discuss your child’s unique history, goals, strengths, and interests.

For the interview,prior assessments and educational recommendations are critically important in helping us to gather relevant data. Parents are invited to discuss any areas of giftedness and talents they feel have been missed in previous assessments.  This may include art skills, people skills, musical talent, computer knowledge, etc. Other important considerations are any special needs such as food allergies or special classroom accommodation that you feel may be beneficial.  This ranges from peanut allergies to modified homework schedules.

Parents can easily answer most of our interview questions in a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere.  

At the time of the interview a brief overview of BCS policies and goals are reviewed.

To complete the initial interview, parents tour the school and review BCS policies.

The next step is a two-day trial visit.  Children attend classes and meet fellow students and teachers. Within two days students should be reporting that they like the program AND that they are learning AND that students and teachers are nice to them. 

After the visit, teachers and counselors provide feedback as to whether the student could be successful at BCS.  Meanwhile, it also gives parents an opportunity to determine if their child would work productively at our school.

The intake process is not a stressful experience; actually parents should leave feeling hopeful.  It is ver similar if a child is in 7th grade or in high school.  It is our experience that parents usually know very quickly if BCS would be a good fit for their child.

Our job is to determine at this point if we can meet their academic and social needs.

Balboa City School is designated by the State Department of Education as a Non Public School.  This means that we are a private school, certified to embrace the public/private partnership concept that recently gained popularity. We have contacts with numerous public school districts.

BCS also welcomes foreign students of all ages from kindergarten to grade twelve.  BCS is approved by the federal government to issue foreign student visas such as the I20. Students from Asia and Europe successfully attend BCS. Our high ratio of English speakers to foreign students encourages rapid assimilation.  The two-day trial visit is waived for students moving from out of town or foreign countries. 

For more information on attending Balboa City School, please contact Dr. Stephen Parker at 619-298-2990 ext 207 or by e-mail at