Balboa City School

Kindergarten at Balboa City School

The start they need to succeed

Welcome to Balboa City School kindergarten program. We give children the start they need to succeed in elementary school as well as the foundation they need for the rest of their school career and beyond.

Our full day kindergarten program will have fifteen students, one teacher and one aide. After school care and private music lessons will be available.

We are adjacent to Balboa Park and consider it part of our campus. We especially enjoy field trips to the San Diego Junior Theatre, the San Diego Zoo, the Museum of Man and the Museum of Natural History. The Old Globe readers group will be reading stories to our students on a regular basis.

A typical day will include experiential learning, explorations in science and technology, gardening, environmental science and insect investigations. Mad Scientist guest lectures are sure to excite our children about hands on science. Reading, handwriting and math will be taught each day in a highly positive manner using direct instruction, Touch Math and computer technology. Kindergarteners will be learning Spanish in our media lab. The arts are a regular part of the program. Rubrics and state learning guidelines will be met and exceeded with enough time left over for creativity and play. Students will be more than ready for first grade. While our kindergarten class will be mastering academic skills, social development is equally important.

Our Kindergarten program focuses on the social skills necessary to participate in classroom activities, on the playground and even in performance. Cooperative learning skills are taught as children move beyond parallel play and actively engage in group play and discussion. Children develop social intelligence through teacher modeling, active peer group play and social interactions. We also encourage the growth of each child's self-esteem, their cultural identity, and their budding independence.

Giftedness will be sought out, recognized and quietly encouraged. Our gifted readers, for example, will be allowed and even encouraged to read and learn beyond the classroom curriculum. At Balboa City School we understand that "giftedness" comes from an enhanced sense of self, which developmentally emerges in the preschool years and then is expanded upon by teachers' myriad of social interactions with their students as they expand their young horizons beyond the nuclear family setting. We understand that PLAY, in the most profound sense of the term IS LEARNING. And play leads to creativity throughout the lifespan. Nothing is more important as this often leads to giftedness. Giftedness is not limited to "math" and "language" skills but includes music, the arts and even sophisticated interpersonal leadership skills that can often be identified in kindergarten. We work with parents to help children discover their talents.


For more information about Balboa City School Kindergarten and to schedule a tour, call 619-298-2990.