Balboa City School

Monarch Basketball

Monarch Basketball Academy and Balboa City School have created a program for athletically-gifted students encompassing a scholastic environment in which these students can develop the skills necessary to thrive in life, academics and basketball. The Academy's goal is to teach these students how to apply their on-court intelligence, discipline and creativity directly to the classroom and help them strive to achieve the same level of excellence in both domains. The program provides Monarch Basketball students with the necessary tools to succeed in college, thrive in the workforce and their home, and become valuable contributors to their communities. While the teachers at Balboa City School work with these gifted student-athletes to build solid academic and character skills, Coach Shaun Manning, a former college and NBA standout, uses his decades of playing, coaching experience and know-how to elicit the most out of his young players; motivating, encouraging and teaching with each pass and every drill.

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