The Program

Balboa City School Mission StatementBalboa City School (BCS) is an international college preparatory program. Our mission is to inspire bright/gifted students who desire intellectual stimulation, academic progress and creative avenues of expression. Our focus on academics and theme-based activities in school is meant to motivate students toward individual and group achievement. We seek to engage students in internships and other activities outside of the classroom, at school and in the community.

Balboa City School (BCS) is an accredited, K-12 private school in San Diego offering college preparatory curriculum in smaller classes. For new students, school rapidly becomes an experience they actually look forward to. Rules, expectations, and lessons are completely explained. Homework is well communicated and teachers strive to ensure that parents are well informed about when assignments are due. We create positive learning experiences that encourage students to engage in curriculum and work towards the mastery of academic goals.

Upon entrance to the program, students will discover a well appointed media lab where they can make video games, write music, develop their artistic talents, study anime, learn advanced programming and make films. From grade k – 12, all students study computers at least one period a day.

Teacher and Student in Robots ClassRobotics is a “major” which students can begin while still in high school or even grade school, by attending our robotics classes which are taught throughout the day and even in clubs after school. Students that are interested in something with more of a bang, we have also designed and developed a rocketry curriculum. Art, music and theatre are also important to round out our curriculum. Writing classes are made for interesting and enjoyable experiences  and the curriculum is clearly to delineate the fundamental aspects of writing and beyond.

It has been our experience that given the right motivation and environment from our students that students can achieve academic success well beyond traditional expectations. A large percentage of BCS students earn scholarships and distinguish themselves by winning scholastic and other awards.