Campus Life

Our Campus

Our “campus” encompasses all of what is available to live, experience and learn in Escondido, San Diego County,  across from California Center for the Arts.

Balboa School offers a college-preparation program for students from all over the world. Located near to California Center for the Arts in Escondido San Diego, County. Students are able to experience many of the cultural opportunities and attractions of the downtown area. Balboa School’s intimate setting fosters the creation of strong and lasting personal relationships between students and staff. This connection is something that is so often missing on large, traditional campuses.

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School Culture

We are an international school where differences among people are appreciated and valued. Civility is a major theme in the program. Students are expected to WANT to learn more about how to conduct themselves politely and civilly – even in the face of disappointment. Curiosity and creativity are hallmarks of the program and are fostered throughout the day. Excellent achievement is encouraged through individual application of effort and mentoring in the classroom.