Balboa School is a private K-12 independent college preparatory school. Our mission is to fully engage our students in learning activities so that they may acquire the skills needed to be successful in life. To do this we address the core values of:

  • Diversity
  • Creativity
  • Mastery

Balboa School offers a broad array of programs within an international student community in one of the most enriching areas of southern California. Small class size, one-to-one communication, interesting and exciting learning opportunities, such as founding a business or developing skills in our computer lab, stimulate passion and the desire to learn. Fully engaged students are happier and look forward to new and interesting learning experiences every day.

Here is a list of the various programs we offer:

Our teachers, course work and SAT preparation develop the fullest potential in preparation for college and a life of learning in a world in which change is a constant. Students know our faculty in such a way that the sharing of ideas, working as a team for a common goal, and sophisticated conversation with peers becomes second nature.

We teach within a framework of traditional values and evolved curriculum that provides them the individual attention needed to achieve personal goals while engaging in the task of developing the academic skills, course requirements, and study skills necessary to succeed in college.

Girl and Boy StudyingBalboa School is a fully accredited, K-12, international, private school located in Escondido, directly across California Center of the Arts. We are approved by the University of California system as a college preparatory high school. We are also cleared by the Department of Homeland Security to teach foreign students.

Please visit our Escondido campus and explore the cultural and learning opportunities which are at our doorstep, when you come to visit our campus. Call 760-294-4490 to schedule a tour and interview.

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Programs of Focus

Fine Arts

Balboa School offers multiple art and music classes in order to cultivate the creativity in every student. Close proximity to the California Center for the Arts allows for performances and workshops.


In order to prepare students to be successful in a global society, technology is integrated into core curriculum, and we offer a Coding / Programming class and a Robotics Club. Students have the opportunity to engage in virtual science labs through the adoption of Discovery Techbooks for all science courses.