High School

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Preparing for College, Career and Civic Life

The high school program at Balboa School focuses on preparing students for college, career and civic life. Our mission is to fully engage our students in learning activities so that they may acquire the skills needed to be successful in all of these areas. To do this we address the core values of:

  • Diversity
  • Creativity
  • Mastery

Many students enter our high school in order to prepare for and be accepted to U.S. colleges and universities. As a private school that focuses on college-preparation, we prepare our students for gaining entrance to the top colleges and universities as well as being successful at the college/university level once they are there. Small class size, one-to-one communication, interesting and exciting learning opportunities, such as founding a business or developing skills in our computer lab, stimulate passion and the desire to learn. Fully engaged students are happier and look forward to new and interesting learning experiences every day.


We teach within a framework of traditional values and rigorous curriculum that provides students the individual attention needed to achieve personal goals while engaging in the task of developing the academic skills, course requirements, and study skills necessary to succeed in college. Please check our course catalog here.

Our teachers, coursework and comprehensive SAT preparation develop the fullest potential in preparation for college. Internships in the community foster confidence, creativity, and self reliance. Students know our faculty in such a way that the sharing of ideas, working as a team for a common goal, and sophisticated conversation with peers becomes second nature.

We know that to be successful building an exceptional college preparatory high school program requires allocating resources, constant innovation and a strong commitment. At Balboa School, we’ve accomplished these objectives by:

  • Providing challenging curriculum such as Trigonometry & Calculus
  • Making resources available for counseling with academic advisors
  • Offering A-G approved courses
  • Adding AP classes with skilled teachers
  • Administering baseline test materials to track their progress
  • Providing curriculum to build and promote our ESL classes

In addition, this commitment aligns perfectly with our world-class college preparatory basketball program and our promise to provide student athletes with rigorous athletic training coupled with challenging college preparatory classes.

Learn how our high school program can benefit your child by visiting the campus and exploring the cultural and learning opportunities we offer. Please contact us or call 760-294-4490 for more information, or to schedule a tour of our campus in North County Escondido, California. We’re excited to meet you!


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