International Students

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Balboa School is a WASC accredited private elementary, middle and high school in California.

Balboa School is certified by the California Department of Education, and The Department of Homeland Security has cleared us to accept qualified foreign students and issue I-20’s through SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information Systems). We are open to accepting students from all countries and backgrounds and have successfully received students from India, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Taiwan and Pakistan, China, England, and Italy.

With two engaging English language classes each day,Balboa School is an ideal place for International students to learn English and prepare for college.

Each day we have a writing class where students work on expository writing (essays) and creative writing (poetry, short stories, etc.) in very small, structured classes. Students are supportive with each other. Our teachers, understanding that even extremely bright capable students have different skill levels in writing, do not grade students by comparing their work to one another. Effort, focus, concentration and progress made during the grading period are important variables in evaluating each student’s progress. Students accomplish writing tasks quickly by using a computer as much as possible. During these classes, small group discussion is allowed and encouraged, so foreign students have many opportunities to practice their English language skills. In addition, our English classes quickly familiarize our students with classic works of English literature, including Beowulf and George Orwell’s 1984. These classes are taught entirely in English. Our foreign students quickly learn that our teachers are not only supportive, but also highly gifted in explaining complex topics in language, which even beginners in English can understand. Individual support, before, during and after class is available.

For many years Balboa School has placed an emphasis on the early acquisition of college-level vocabulary.

Because most of our students go on to college, we have developed a highly sophisticated language arts program. Each day, our students learn one or more new vocabulary words in the context of their daily lecture, which they are quizzed on weekly. At Balboa School, students love learning new words. The program builds confidence, comprehension, and self-esteem.

Classes are small and individual help is available.

While classrooms in many schools are filled with thirty or forty students, Balboa School remains committed to small, intimate class settings where students can engage in civil discussion. With an average class size of just 6-10 students, a comfortable rapport with teachers is easily established and students thrive.

International Students meet world-class researchers.

Through our extensive network of community relations, our students have opportunities to meet professors at UCSD and learn what they are doing in the emerging field of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and even alternative power sourcing. This generates excitement and new ideas even among those students who are not interested in pursuing a degree in those fields. Field trips to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities frequently occur.

There are many cultural experiences that are part of the Balboa School school experience.

Balboa School is across the street from California Center of the Arts. Our central location makes travel to and from the campus very easy. These activities, and the highly attentive teaching staff, make Balboa School a unique and sought after program. Most students remember their experiences at Balboa School as transformative and highly enriching.

Shorter summer programs are available.

Students can choose to study three or six weeks in our summer camp/ learning program. Here they can study high-tech game programming, special effects, and many other fun activities. In these programs too, we shall be teaching your child English is a warm supportive environment. Unique cultural opportunities, such as trips to the popular San Diego Comic Convention, round out our summer program and ensure that our foreign students have something to talk about for many years to come.

International Students Enrollment is simple.

After contacting the school, our experienced staff will guide you through all the steps necessary and provide the necessary information; Balboa School will submit your information to SEVIS. The I-20 is then issued along with a letter of acceptance and start date. Transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and an assessment of English skills are among the items necessary for application. For more information, contact the registrar at Balboa School 001-760-294-4490.