SAT Preparation


Balboa School is a member of the College Board. Our approach, recommended by the College Board, is that adequate SAT preparation requires years of distributed practice among the skill sets mentioned above, and also a great familiarity with the structure of the exam along with some time management skills.

If students are interested in attending a U.S. based four- year university they must meet certain academic requirements including exams for entrance to these institutions. Student Studying

The PSAT and the SAT are two written exams used to determine college level skills among high school students. Many students with excellent grade point averages will not do well on the SAT. They are unprepared and walk into the test with little idea of what they will be facing. The content of their math classes, for example, does not prepare them for the structure of the SAT math section!

Balboa School has taken the approach that students should begin preparation for the SAT and PSAT in grade nine. The SAT emphasizes reading skills, grammar, vocabulary, mathematics and writing skills. At Balboa School, students will focus on building college level vocabulary, learning how to write specifically for the SAT writing section, and will continuously review the mathematics required to do well on the SAT. Much of the work is done in class, as part of our curriculum.

The SAT exam is used to assess a student’s academic readiness for college. The SAT is the most widely used college admissions exam. We provide SAT preparation and guidance in the form of daily practice questions starting with easier skills and then building to more advanced levels as they become more proficient. To get ready for the SAT, some students take the PSAT or ReadiStep.

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The TOEFL is the most widely accepted English speaking exam for students interested in attending college in an English speaking country. This exam tests students ability to speak, read, listen and write at the university level. We provide interested students with TOEFL study materials and guides.

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