List of Programs

  • WASC accredited 1-12 program
  • Small class size ensures optimal support from teachers
  • College-preparatory curriculum, including honors & AP courses
  • Diverse international student body
Diversity. Creativity. Mastery. The mission of Balboa School is to provide a diverse educational environment that promotes high academic standards, cultivates creativity, and builds the skills necessary for college, career and civic life.

Balboa School

Balboa School is one of the top private schools in Escondido. This is a modern school with a sophisticated and positive educational philosophy.

Our teachers are top-notch and dedicated to their field, which makes learning transparent and effective. They continuously engage and always challenge students to do their best. They focus teaching and nurture students to become smart, confident leaders, and excel academically.

The staff is supportive and caring to all students. They have a low-student to teacher ratio, which makes discussions received from students effectively, and worthwhile for teachers to really focus on how their students are progressing. It’s no wonder most students prefer smaller classes, as this helps them to learn and earn good grades.

Another integral part of our learning culture is our athletic programs and sports teams on campus. We promote our students to exercise the body and the mind. Our students can also join in their chosen school organization or a school club (the options are growing!). We have a new facility and use top of the line Apple computers for each of our students, which will give our student’s an advantage of the familiarization of technology is they develop throughout their school career.

Another important attribute to note is that our curriculum rigorously manages to prepare students for standardized examination. Our school ensures that there is adequate support for all our student’s success.

For more information about Balboa School or to schedule a tour, contact Monica Castro at 760-294-4490.
130 Woodward Ave.,
Escondido, CA. 92025
Phone: 760-294-4490
Fax: 760-294-4209For information about employment opportunities at Balboa School, please email:


Balboa School welcomes the newest members of the campus at their student orientation, The first day of school starts on August 15, 2018.

Balboa School offers a broad array of programs within an international student community in one of the most enriching areas of Southern California. Small class size, one-to-one communication, interesting and exciting learning opportunities that stimulate passion and the desire to learn. Fully engaged students are happier and look forward to new and interesting learning experiences every day here at our school.

Our teachers, course work, and SAT preparation develop the fullest potential in our students as they prepare for college and a life of learning in an ever-changing world. Students know our faculty in such a way that the sharing of ideas, working as a team for a common goal, and sophisticated conversation with peers becomes second nature.

We teach within a framework of traditional values and evolved curriculum that provides students the individual attention needed to achieve personal goals while developing the academic skills and study skills necessary to succeed in college, career, and civic life.

Our school goals for students is to achieve high academic standards, create work that demonstrates innovation and originality, cooperate in the classroom, and develop a sense of community. Balboa school is unique and emphasize strong educational programs that reflect the needs and interests of children and families. We are the cornerstone of the community that provide support and continuity for families.

As always, we extend our invite to new students who want to join the Balboa School learning experience for the next upcoming school year.

For Admission procedure please click Balboa School Admissions Application Procedure or simply contact the school for a tour and enrollment information.

I-20 Questions or Concerns:
PDSO: Monica Castro or 760-294-4161
DSO: Natalie Addleson or 760- 294-4170
Attendance: Ashley Jones or 760-294-4120
College Counselor: Mimi Baik or 760-294-4122


In a recent article from The San Diego Union Tribune, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Clarkson stated, “I challenge educators, parents, students, and community leaders to continue the hard work needed to help every student graduate… and to make a special effort to raise graduation rates for English learners and Latino and African American students.”

“It is our mission to provide a diverse and educational environment that promotes high academic standards, cultivates creativity, and builds the skills necessary for college, career, and civic life.”

This mission affects the way our teachers and staff work here at Balboa School. In San Diego county alone, about 80% of students graduate after four years of high school. While this number may seem high, we continually strive to better our staff and students to contribute positively to the statistics. At Balboa School we help each other for the common goal: to learn, grow, and succeed.

It is important to instill the mindset of never stop learning, which can aid students in the right direction when decisions are made about their future. Our college-preparatory curriculum, including honors and AP courses, will challenge high school students and prep them for their next destination in their academic career.

If you’re up to the challenge, and ready to learn more about our private high school, please contact Monica Castro at 760-294-4490 for more information, or to schedule a tour of our campus in beautiful Escondido, California.

You can find us at:

130 Woodward Ave.,
Escondido, CA 92025
For information about employment opportunities,
or general information about Balboa School,
Please email:


It is important for us to teach elementary students that we never stop learning. Balboa School is proud to give our future leaders the right program and environment to excel. Our private elementary program prepares them for the next step ahead by teaching fundamental knowledge and learning habits, producing hard workers, and the necessary critical thinking skills throughout their lives.

With a population of almost a million in North County, we are making sure we impact the future of our local residents in a positive way by providing the best education we can. We do this by designing a program that involves development with language and courses through student involvement and hands on activities. Our campus also provides low stress classrooms, and introducing our elementary school students to daily computer exercises for essential word processing and skills in our ever-growing high tech reality. We believe being adaptive at an earlier age will help students in the long run when they are familiar with technology.

Other notable courses we provide here at our Balboa School Elementary program is introducing students to hands on activities in fundamental science and engineering, along with reading, writing, and literature. Our school will be engaging to students as much as it is for our teachers who love to make a difference in a school setting. Every aspect of Balboa School is backed by our talented staff and learning environment – all while being challenged on the daily.

If you’re from beautiful North County San Diego, and would like to have your child excel at our private Elementary school, please visit us at:

130 Woodward Ave.,
Escondido, CA. 92025
For information about employment opportunities,
or General Information about Balboa School,
Please email:

Please contact Monica Castro at 760-294-4490 for more information, or to schedule a tour of our campus in North County Escondido, California. We’re excited to meet you!


At Balboa School, we invest in our future students. As a part of our mission, we focus on the students and make sure they are receiving the tools for the next step in their school career. The junior high grades is the best time to build invaluable skills as a student, while providing the best atmosphere for the teens in our community. We welcome everyone to our premier Private Junior High School!

Due to the special staff we have teaching at Balboa School, students receive personal attention to ensure growth and development in the right direction as a teen. Alongside being able to learn traditional core subjects such as Mathematics, English Literature/Writing, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, we also provide Foreign Language classes.

Student culture is one of Balboa’s strongest assets, and we believe everyone fits in our institution. At Balboa School, you can count us to keep your loved ones in a safe and learning environment, and always allowing your child to be themselves at any given time.

Every student needs to think critically, and we help students with all facets of their daily education here at our international private school – with an importance placed on creativity. The knowledge and creativity is unmatched at our North County San Diego campus in Balboa.

With our solid class structure, incredible teachers that connect with the students, personal achievement goals, and creative efforts, we extend our helping hand and encourage your loved ones to excel in our school. We welcome you to visit and take a look for yourself on a scheduled tour!

Please contact Monica Castro at 760-294-4490 for more information, or to schedule a tour of our campus in North County Escondido, California.

130 Woodward Ave.,
Escondido, CA. 92025
For information about employment opportunities,
or General Information about Balboa School,
Please email:


Why International Students Choose to Study at Balboa School?

Balboa School is a WASC accredited private elementary, middle and high school in San Diego, California.

Balboa School is certified by the California Department of Education, and The Department of Homeland Security has cleared us to accept qualified foreign students and issue I-20’s through SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information Systems). We are open to accepting students from all countries and backgrounds and have successfully received students from India, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Taiwan and Pakistan, China, England, and Italy.



Mission Statement

The mission of Balboa School is to inspire students who desire intellectual stimulation, academic achievement, and creative avenues of expression in order to contribute as meaningful members of a diverse global community.

Our Mission Statement reflects our essential core values. It reflects the passion and the commitment we have as administrators, staff, and teachers to inspire our students every single day. It represents our intent of instilling in them an intrinsic desire to contribute significantly and meaningfully to the betterment of our local and global community.

About Balboa School

Balboa School is an accredited, K-12 private school in San Diego offering college preparatory curriculum in smaller classes. For new students, school rapidly becomes an experience they actually look forward to. Rules, expectations, and lessons are completely explained. Homework is well communicated and teachers strive to ensure that parents are well informed about when assignments are due. We create positive learning experiences that encourage students to engage in curriculum and work towards the mastery of academic goals. Read more about Balboa School…



Summer School 2014 is Here!

For the 24th year in a row, Balboa School is teaching summer classes. This is an excellent time to earn credit, study for the SAT, and keep the brain and body active. Our structured summer program offers the opportunity to continue to make progress at a time when children otherwise slip behind or simply get rusty with regard to fundamental skills. Our classes assure success and foster mastery for a broad range of ability levels.

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Look around and you will find highly accomplished professionals who are also musicians. The skills and discipline of consistent music practice “tone the brain” in a natural and developmentally appropriate way.  Music uniquely endows people with the ability to take different perspectives and think in three dimensions.

Even the most accomplished professionals love their “amateur” music. Think about it: Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State, is a concert pianist. Woody Allen performs jazz weekly.  Computer magnate Robert Allen, founder of Microsoft, plays in a rock band.  The examples are myriad.  Music “opens the brain” to creativity. It is a secret language that makes neural connections between seemingly disparate ideas.

The scientific evidence supporting higher brain function and music is slowly being realized. Music stimulates spatial relations, and visual-spatial skills are increasingly tied to creativity and intelligence. Like all activities that are performed daily, music can help “rewire” the brain. For students with ADD, the practice of music creates a biofeedback loop, which stimulates the very deficit areas that we are trying to remediate – executive functioning.  Music also provides a good break in the day and helps to increase focus and concentration. For students with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, it is a gateway to social interaction in a highly positive atmosphere, building a leisure activity skill for life.

For these reasons and more, we encourage our students at BCS to play a musical instrument.  On any given day, you may hear our students learning guitar or catch them composing original music in our media lab. Music is enjoyable for the student and beneficial to the brain.  So the next time you think about picking up an instrument, remember this: It’s not just fun, it’s good for you!



Balboa School, with the Karen Organization, is helping sponsor a Benefit Concert and Art Fair to assist over 1,500 Burmese refugees who are working to rebuild their lives after ethnic and religious persecution forced them to flee their homeland. The Karen Organization, provides social services and cultural preservation opportunities. Balboa School is supporting their efforts by being a sponsor to their annual Concert and Art Fair on Nov. 8, 6:00 – 10:00 at San Diego Mosaic, 1402 Commercial Street, San Diego, CA, 92113.

Join us for performances by Bryan Bangerter. William, Erin McLaughlin, Trevor Davis, Family Wagon, and DJ Sean Sand. A video presentation will be screened to raise awareness about persecution in Burma and the refugees’ challenges. We invite you to come and visit the Art Fair and Silent Auction featuring art by Jeff Allen, Wes Bruce, Christopher Konecki, Kristina Micotti, and Aubrey Perkins. Artwork created by KOSD’s After School Programs and HOMESPUN: Born in Burma…Made in America will also be a highlight of the Art Fair and Silent Auction. HOMESPUN is a venue for practitioners of the traditional technique of Burmese weaving to come together, practice their craft, and transfer that knowledge to the younger generation of resettled refugees from Burma.

Beverages will be provided by Ballast Point Brewery and Coffee & Tea Collective. All proceeds will go towards Karen Organzation’s First Generation Youth Program; furthering their opportunities to connect to their community through service and achieve their academic, professional and personal dreams and goals. The communities from Burma are vibrant, creative, and caring. This event promises to be one to remember. Please consider attending as this is an event sponsored by our school and a great way to teach our younger generation of the importance of giving back. Many of these refugees have school age children. I am sure we will all be able to relate to their plight.