charter schools

Charter schools are often mistaken to be the same as private schools. Like private schools, charter schools are independently run, but like public schools, they are publicly funded. In exchange for exemption from many of the regulations that apply to public schools, charter schools are bound to a contract or a charter. Their contract is authorized by an authorizing body such as a state agency, university, and school district.

Small Class Sizes

In many ways, charter schools are similar to private schools like Balboa School. The classes at private schools and charter schools are much smaller than in public schools. In order to foster greater growth, our students are taught in small class sizes, where teachers are able to give personal attention to the needs of each student. The average teacher to student ratio at Balboa School is 1:10. With less students to teach, our faculty is able to spend more time with students and this makes it easier for students should they want to reach out to their teachers. Studies have shown that private school and charter school students tend to fare better than their public school counterparts in standardized test scores.

Teaching Certification

In both charter schools and private schools, teachers are not required to be certified. One may argue that it is better to attend public schools because public school teachers are required to attain or to be working towards teaching certification. At Balboa School, we believe that  candidates with degrees in their subject area of teaching have the advanced knowledge necessary to help students succeed. All Balboa School teachers are qualified professionals who are dedicated to the academic and emotional growth of our students.

Flexible Curricula

Although they have many similarities to private schools, charter schools are still bound to more regulations and terms. As a private school, we are not bound to any contract to an authorizer. We have flexible curricula. As a result, we are able to rethink education and mold our curriculum to better fit our students’ growth. We believe that every student is unique, each requiring a different pace and thriving in different learning methods.

Balboa School

At Balboa School, we integrate learning with classroom activities. We strive to create positive learning experiences that encourage students to actively engage with the curriculum and work towards mastery of academic goals. Students at Balboa School are challenged while being provided with the guiding support necessary for high achievement.

At the end of the day, it is best for you to visit schools and see what the teachers and staff are like. Be sure to ask them plenty of questions to get to know the school better.


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