Balboa School is thrilled to announce the opening of our English-Mandarin dual-curriculum kindergarten! This program is designed to achieve advancements in both Mandarin and English language. The dual-curriculum program also allows students to achieve language development through direct instruction and engaging classroom activities in a caring environment which strives for active student involvement and participation.

According to the studies conducted by Harvard University, the creativity, critical thinking skills, and flexibility of the mind develop if children learn a second language at a young age. Such studies show how essential it is to encourage them to learn a second language while they are young. 

The English/Mandarin dual-curriculum program provides a fun and entertaining approach to learning a second language. The classroom instruction hours for the English-Mandarin dual-curriculum program is evenly divided between two highly qualified teachers who follow a 50/50 English/Mandarin model. The English-speaking teacher focuses on the English language arts curriculum. On the other hand, the Chinese-speaking teacher focuses on Chinese language arts which includes reading, speaking, writing, and listening while integrating elements of Chinese literature and culture. Students will also conduct hands-on activities that will allow them to have fun while they are learning and developing a wide range of skills at a young age.

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Mandarin schools are proven to have plenty of benefits for students. According to Social Moms, some benefits of enrolling your child in a dual language program include the following:

1. Pairing with children from another culture leads to open-mindedness, flexibility, and acceptance of others.
2. Learning a second language builds the cognitive part of the brain. This increases abstract thinking, math and logic skills, as well as problem-solving skills.
3. Studying two languages allows children to learn in one language and transfer those skills. 


Balboa School is a fully accredited private school that has been teaching students from across the county, including GATE and gifted students, for over twenty years. Students at Balboa School are challenged while being provided the guiding support necessary for high achievement. We are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and AdvancED, the world’s largest education organization.

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