Balboa City School

At what grade does the school begin?

The school begins in kindergarten and goes through grade 12.

Why is the school on Banker's Hill, close to downtown San Diego?

We are across the street from Balboa Park. This means that field trips are easily accessible. And afternoon classes such as acting, music and art are available to students who are interested. During a typical school year we will visit close to 17 museums.

What kind of students do you take?

We are an international school and students come from every continent except Antarctica.

Do you have sports programs?

Yes. We have physical education every day. We also have an AAU basketball team – The Monarchs. We have won three out of the last four tournaments that we have entered.

Why do Balboa students do so well?

Balboa students are not different from students in other schools. But smaller classes, modern equipment, teachers who mentor, enable our students to love learning and school.

What about Bullies?

Bullies are simply not tolerated in this school. Counselors, teachers, parents and even fellow students work together to insure that this is not a part of our campus.

Do you have a dormitory?

No, however we are considering opening one for our international students.

How far are you from La Jolla?

We are about a fifteen minute drive from La Jolla.

Do you have college counseling and SAT preparation?