Balboa City School

Students and families, from all over the United States and the world, travel to San Diego to attend Balboa City School. Students quickly adjust to their new surroundings. Individuality, creativity and accountability are emphasized throughout the program.

Taking advantage of the latest research in cognitive psychology, and neuropsychology, our dynamic and creative environment is stimulating and reaches the brightest and best part of each child's learning capacity. Failure is not an option as students are readily inspired to ask what went wrong and how they may correct it.

Internships, theatre, competitions, and extracurricular activities, such as sports, or even beginning college while still in high school empower children to take the next step toward independence, responsibility, and maturity. Adjacent to the cultural center of San Diego, the Prado of Balboa Park, we are never lacking for intellectual stimulation. International students visit a different cultural institution every week. All students attend live theatre on a regular basis; often seeing Broadway shows BEFORE they go to Broadway.

The importance of civility is stressed throughout the program and this is evident by the polite demeanor and appropriate dress of the students.