List of Programs

  • K - 12 grades
  • Accredited by WASC & Cognia
  • Small class size ensures optimal support from teachers
  • College-preparatory curriculum, including honors & AP courses
  • Diverse international student body
Diversity. Creativity. Mastery. The mission of Balboa School is to provide a diverse educational environment that promotes high academic standards, cultivates creativity, and builds the skills necessary for college, career and civic life.

International Application


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Previous School & year(s) attended:


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You may refer to Balboa School’s estimated annual cost to calculate total expenses.

Consequent to any payment made to Balboa School, I understand and agree I will not receive a refund.


All medications must be turned into the office along with a prescription medication form (available in the office).

In case of an emergency, I give permission for Balboa School to seek, authorize, and consent to any medical treatment or care necessary
for my child. This authorization, hereby granted to Balboa School, shall continue in effect until such time as I make direct contact with
the treating doctor. This authorization in no way obliges Balboa School or its authorized representatives, to pay or be liable for any costs
or expenses incurred in the care of or treatment of my child; and I agree to pay all costs and expenses incurred for the treatment and case
of my child.


I understand:

Throughout the course of the year, students at Balboa School take a variety of field trips. These trips range from visiting museums to
touring college campuses. We consider it an integral part of our program that students become exposed and interact within the
community around them. Students will either walk, take a taxi, or ride with parent volunteers. I understand my child will go on off
campus field trips with Balboa School. I understand that the staff of Balboa School will take reasonable care of my child, but I also
recognize that they will be off campus and may occasionally encounter hazards beyond the staff’s control. I agree to be fully responsible
and hold harmless Balboa School, and any of its employees and parents, from any and all liability for any and all harm arising to my child
as a result of participating. This will hold true while my child attends Balboa School.

Balboa School maintains the right to all student-generated work produced, created, or developed at Balboa School by my child. It also
maintains the right to use my child’s image in stills, video tape recordings or other media, such as the internet and/or yearbook, in such a
way as it deems fit for now or in the future for publicity or other purposes. My child’s name may be used in conjunction with Balboa
School events, publicity and other ways as it deems fit now or in the future for publicity or other purposes. Balboa School has my
permission to use photos and student-generated work.


I agree to be fully responsible and hold harmless Balboa School, and its representatives from any and all claims, demands, costs or
damages incurred by my child or out of the actions of the Homestay family. I also agree that at my own expense to defend any suit or
action brought against Balboa School instituted upon the claim of such damage to persons or property. This will hold true while my child
attends Balboa School.