International Program

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Initial Assessment

Upon arrival at Balboa School, students are assessed in order to determine their level of language proficiency. Every effort is made to have them study English in mainstream classes with American students if possible. For those who are not yet ready, Balboa School is able to provide ESL courses that help students improve the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills they will need to be successful in all of their academic subjects at Balboa School and ultimately in college.

Vocabulary Development

Students are exposed to a wealth of vocabulary throughout their day. In English classes, students learn real life, thematically-based words that will help in their daily social interactions, as well as literature-based words that will improve their reading comprehension.

Counseling Support

Teachers regularly provide counselors with feedback about each of our international students’ progress. Counselors review these updates weekly in order to assess and track any difficulties, concerns, or special considerations that may arise. Counselors are then able to develop an intervention strategy to best meet the students’ needs, and to communicate with teachers, host families, agencies, and parents when necessary.

Research shows that after the initial wave of excitement dies down, foreign students can sometimes experience loneliness and depression. They may miss their old familiar family, friends, and community. Our counselors can help students through this rough period by helping them gain insight into this and other common issues. They are able to help students attain new focus and renew their excitement about being in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Individual counseling is offered for an additional fee for those students who may benefit from even more emotional support or guidance as they adjust to life in a new culture. Intensive remediation is also offered for an additional fee to help students with corrective reading and writing skills with a 1:1 tutor.