Diverse group of kids with Balboa City School's president

Mission Statement

The mission of Balboa School is to inspire students who desire intellectual stimulation, academic achievement, and creative avenues of expression in order to contribute as meaningful members of a diverse global community.

Our Mission Statement reflects our essential core values. It reflects the passion and the commitment we have as administrators, staff, and teachers to inspire our students every single day. It represents our intent of instilling in them an intrinsic desire to contribute significantly and meaningfully to the betterment of our local and global community.

About Balboa School

Balboa School is an accredited, K-12 private school in San Diego offering college preparatory curriculum in smaller classes. For new students, school rapidly becomes an experience they actually look forward to. Rules, expectations, and lessons are completely explained. Homework is well communicated and teachers strive to ensure that parents are well informed about when assignments are due. We create positive learning experiences that encourage students to engage in curriculum and work towards the mastery of academic goals. Read more about Balboa School…