Balboa School welcomes the newest members of the campus at their student orientation, The first day of school starts on August 15, 2018.

New School Year 2018-2019

Balboa School offers a broad array of programs within an international student community in one of the most enriching areas of Southern California. Small class size, one-to-one communication, interesting and exciting learning opportunities that stimulate passion and the desire to learn. Fully engaged students are happier and look forward to new and interesting learning experiences every day here at our school.

Our teachers, course work, and SAT preparation develop the fullest potential in our students as they prepare for college and a life of learning in an ever-changing world. Students know our faculty in such a way that the sharing of ideas, working as a team for a common goal, and sophisticated conversation with peers becomes second nature.

We teach within a framework of traditional values and evolved curriculum that provides students the individual attention needed to achieve personal goals while developing the academic skills and study skills necessary to succeed in college, career, and civic life.

Our school goals for students are to achieve high academic standards, create work that demonstrates innovation and originality, cooperate in the classroom, and develop a sense of community. Balboa school is unique and emphasize strong educational programs that reflect the needs and interests of children and families. We are the cornerstone of the community that provide support and continuity for families.

As always, we extend our invite to new students who want to join the Balboa School learning experience for the next upcoming school year.

For Admission procedure please click Balboa School Admissions Application Procedure or simply contact the school for a tour and enrollment information.

I-20 Questions or Concerns:
PDSO: or 760-294-4161
DSO: Natalie Addleson or 760- 294-4170
College Counselor: Ashley Jones or 760-294-4120