It is important for us to teach elementary students that we never stop learning. Balboa School is proud to give our future leaders the right program and environment to excel. Our private elementary program prepares them for the next step ahead by teaching fundamental knowledge and learning habits, producing hard workers, and the necessary critical thinking skills throughout their lives.

With a population of almost a million in North County, we are making sure we impact the future of our local residents in a positive way by providing the best education we can. We do this by designing a program that involves development with language and courses through student involvement and hands on activities. Our campus also provides low stress classrooms, and introducing our elementary school students to daily computer exercises for essential word processing and skills in our ever-growing high tech reality. We believe being adaptive at an earlier age will help students in the long run when they are familiar with technology.

Other notable courses we provide here at our Balboa School Elementary program is introducing students to hands on activities in fundamental science and engineering, along with reading, writing, and literature. Our school will be engaging to students as much as it is for our teachers who love to make a difference in a school setting. Every aspect of Balboa School is backed by our talented staff and learning environment – all while being challenged on the daily.

If you’re from beautiful North County San Diego, and would like to have your child excel at our private Elementary school, please visit us at:

855 Brotherton Rd,
Escondido, CA. 92025
For information about employment opportunities, please email:

Please contact us at 760-294-4490 or email for more information, or to schedule a tour of our campus in North County Escondido, California. We’re excited to meet you!