Balboa School is one of the top ranking private schools listed on Niche because of our commitment and dedication to preparing our students for college. Students from all over the San Diego area, the US, and other parts of the world come to learn at Balboa School. Balboa School is an accredited K – 12 private school that offers a college preparatory curriculum to students in smaller classes. Our students achieve the school’s prominent average graduation rate of 100% by excelling as one of the top private college prep schools near Rancho Santa Fe. Our curriculum aims to prepare students for life after high school from the moment they step through our doors. The main goal of Balboa School is to provide a diverse, safe, and fun learning environment that promotes high academic standards and cultivates creativity that builds necessary skills for college, career, and civic life. We take pride in our college preparatory curriculum and diverse course catalog that helps every one of our students reach their full potential. Every class is aimed to create a positive learning experience that encourages students to engage and want to work toward achieving their academic goals. Contact us at Balboa School to set your child on a private school journey like no other.


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All of our students, elementary level, middle school, and high school, are introduced to a curriculum that is going to help them reach their academic potential and achieve their academic goals, which is why we are a top private college prep school. We introduce our elementary students to fundamental knowledge, learning habits, and critical thinking skills to prepare them for moving on to upper-grade levels. We utilize hands-on activities in our courses to encourage involvement and keep class sizes small so students can learn through direct instruction and classroom discussions. Our students learn computer exercises and word processing so that they become adaptive to technology at an early age. The elementary program is meant to engage students and get them to want to learn about subjects like science, reading, writing, and literature so when they reach the college prep level they are ready.

We begin our private college prep school curriculum as early as possible by offering our dual language immersion programs to our elementary school students. This program is an opportunity for them to learn, think, read, write, and communicate in two languages: English and Chinese or English and Spanish. With this program, students can achieve sophisticated language development through direct instruction, engaging classroom activities, and songs. They will learn the language arts of their chosen language and will be introduced to its literature and culture. Balboa School teachers challenge and support every elementary student until they master content and aim to get them working above grade level so they are prepared when they reach middle school, and eventually, high school.     


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We prepare all of our students for life after Balboa School by setting high academic standards that make them want to learn. We use the middle grades to build the necessary skills that will be needed to achieve success throughout the remainder of our private college prep school and then in college. We offer traditional core classes like Math, English Literature and Writing, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and an optional Foreign Language. In addition to their core classes, each middle school student also takes a class in Computer Literacy and Study Skills, where they will acquire skills like time management, organization, comprehension and analysis, retention, and test taking strategies that enhance learning and performance. 

The high school program at Balboa School focuses on continuing and wrapping up the college prep every student has gone through since their very first day. As a private college prep school near Rancho Santa Fe, we prepare our students for gaining entrance into the top colleges and universities as well as being successful at the school they decide to go to. All of our 11th and 12th grade students receive individual college and career guidance with a school counselor. Our counselors help students by researching colleges that match their needs and interests, researching scholarships, and assisting with filling out applications. Our private college prep school teaches a rigorous curriculum that provides students with the opportunity to develop academic skills, study skills, and an understanding of course requirements necessary to succeed in college. In order for our students to be prepared for what they will experience in college, we provide challenging courses like Trigonometry and Calculus, make resources available through academic advisors, offer A-G approved courses, add AP classes with skilled teachers, and administer test materials that track their progress. Balboa School is the best last stop before your student heads off to the university or college of their choice and a great first step towards their future life.  


Balboa School, Private College Prep 

There are many great private schools around Rancho Santa Fe, but none are quite like Balboa School. Balboa School is a short 20 minute drive from Rancho Santa Fe and is a great private college prep school for students living in Rancho Santa Fe. Balboa School encourages all students K-12 to be actively engaged with the curriculum and to always work towards the mastery of their academic goals. We have learned over the years that when given the right environment and motivation, students can achieve academic success. We aim to create that environment and motivation through our diverse courses, programs, and the encouragement of creativity. 

In 1998, we were accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and are currently still a member of the College Board. Most of Balboa School’s courses are approved by the University of California’s A-G system and we are NCAA certified so our student athletes are eligible for athletic scholarships. Balboa School assures you that we will optimize your child’s opportunities to learn with our 12:1 student to teacher ratio. If you live in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe and are looking for a private school where your child will excel, contact Balboa Schools and we can discuss enrollment today. 


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