Balboa School Basketball

National High School Team

Our High School National Team plays a national schedule in which they play against some of the best basketball talent the country has to offer. They participate in a national league that is called the Grind Session. The Grind Session consists of 40 teams from all over the country including Canada.

Regional High School

Our Regional Team plays a lot of their games in the West Coast Regional. They will travel to various cities including, but not limited to, Arizona, Las Vegas and Utah. This team allows for more development to happen with our players as they continue to hone their basketball skills. They will be playing against some of the best competition the West Coast has to offer.

Post Graduate Basketball Program

Our Post Grad Team is a national team that allows for the student athlete to take a gap year after graduating from high school.

What is a“Gap” Year? For Balboa students, it is an opportunity to compete and play another year of high school basketball without starting your eligibility clock for college basketball.