Did you know that Balboa School is one of the top private schools listed on Niche with an overall grade of an A? For you who are not quite familiar yet with Niche, Niche ranks roughly about 100,000 schools and districts based on statistics and opinions from both the students and parents. Aside from being one of the top private schools, Balboa takes pride in its average graduation rate of 100%. We also take pride in achieving a 95% college enrollment.

Balboa School, Top Private School in San Diego

Our main goals since Balboa School was founded was to provide a diverse, safe, and fun learning environment that promotes high academic standards. Furthermore, an environment that cultivates creativity and builds necessary skills for their college, career and civic life. 

We are an accredited K-12 private school that offers college preparatory curriculum in smaller classes. Balboa School makes creating a positive learning environment a priority. We encourage all students to be actively engaged with the curriculum and to always work towards mastery of their academic goals. Through our years of operation, we have learned that when given the right motivation and environment, students can achieve academic success. 

Other Reasons why Balboa School is a Top Private School in San Diego

In 1998, Balboa School was accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is currently still a member of the College Board. Most of Balboa School’s courses are approved by the University of California’s A-G system. Furthermore, we are NCAA certified that allows Balboa School’s student athletes to be eligible for athletic scholarships. 

Balboa School assures you that we will optimize your child’s opportunities to learn. As a matter of fact, our student-teacher ratio is 12:1. When it comes to test scores, Balboa School boast its average SAT Score of 1140.

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